New Job – I Can’t Refuse

It’s been a tough decision, but I’ve decided to take a new job. A big internet marketing firm in the area found an old resume of mine on, looked over the hobolog, and called me with a job offer to replace their recently departed Chief Technology Officer. I’m not really looking forward to putting on a suit every day, or the long hours I’ll have to put in to get up to speed managing technology for a big company, but I just can’t turn down the six-figure salary. It’s a strange turn for a cyberhobo, I know, and I probably won’t be making any more outdoor posts for a while. And just when summer is almost here! I hope everyone understands and supports my decision. If you want to check out the company’s website, here it is. Have a happy April Fool’s Day!

6 responses to “New Job – I Can’t Refuse”

  1. I got my mom pretty good too, Tom. But she thought it was funny afterward, which is the best measure of a prank, I think!

  2. har. har. har.

    you have to imagine my confusion upon opening this, as after getting to sit down with you over some eggy goodness the other morning you never mentioned a new job.

    kudos, you got me.


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