Bouldering at the 420’s


I forgot to ask why this place is called The 420’s. It’s a wide, forested meadow about 35 miles miles up the Poudre canyon, strewn with a variety of shapely granite boulders. There’s still a little ice and snow in the shadows, but when the sun came out this was a really nice place to be. I’m getting familiar with the V rating system – there a lot of V5-V7 problems here that I can’t touch, but a few V1 and V2’s for me to bleed on.

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2 responses to “Bouldering at the 420’s”

  1. 420’s is drug lingo. “Hey man…it’s 4:20” means “Hey man…let’s go smoke some grass.” Anyway…do you have more pics of this area cause I was thinking about heading up there next weekend. Peace.

    p.s. Nice site. Good local info for me to soak up.

  2. Thank you! Of course, now I have to wonder what the source of the slang is… can it be traced back to a Cheech & Chong movie or something?

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