Being a part of the Marketplace

I recently took Amazon up on their offer to sell my books after I’ve read them. I had accumulated more books than will fit on my shelf, and was contemplating giving them away anyway. Instead, I listed them for sale on Amazon at the current lowest price and sat back to see what would happen. The first night my copy of James Joyce’s Ulysses (long ago given up on), flew off the shelf to a student in New York city. In quick succession I shipped my copies of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, Frederic Dannen’s Hit Men, and Mark Helprin’s A Soldier of the Great War to locations all over the country. The monetary income from these sales will do little more than pay for materials (Amazon pays shipping), but it’s fun to see what’s in demand, and the power of a low price in a big market. Orders have slowed down now. My remaining titles for sale must be less popular, or competitors are selling them for nothing. Let me know if you want one, and maybe I’ll drop the price for you ;).

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