Book: The Loop / Joe Coomer


This is one of those books that inspires you to write a book. A couple of simple ideas, artfully combined, shed light on countless facets of life. Uncovering the history of a parrot, and patrolling the loop of highway around Ft. Worth. Of course there’s more, much more. Like all great books, much more than is written. I wish I could remember why I decided to read this book, because it was a good decision, but then maybe discovering the original reason would take the magic away from it.

2 responses to “Book: The Loop / Joe Coomer”

  1. Boy, do I love this book, and am glad to find another fan…I read it in manuscript when I was a freelance script reader and I never forgot it, gave it to my parrot-crazed friend Scott, gave it to my husband when we were dating. So glad to find yet another fan.

    I wince to learn via Google that the film adaptation is about to do something not so good to the narrative….oh, well. We’ll always have Lyman.

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