Movie: Shrek 2


Well, it’s not as fresh the second time around, but these movies make fun of things in a way that works for me. Vulgarity implied instead of shown, stereotypes teased and then broken, and out-of-place cultural references all kept me laughing again this time. A Tom Waits tune in the soundtrack doesn’t hurt either.

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  1. That’s funny… we were just talking about “Office Space”. I believe it was in the context of reviewing “The Office”. Dylan! Would you add it to the NetFlix que? I think I need to see it!

  2. hello dylan and ann, got a moment on the internet here and only waited 15 minutes instead of 1 and half hours course its five in the morning. life is busy here at Camp Buehring in Udairi, Kuwait so that makes time go faster. Heres something to ponder – i am in the middle of the desert, living in a tent and using a port a john yet this little dirt camp has a Burger King, a Subway and a coffee shop (whos cafe latte is not too bad, with a shot of hazelnut). later!.. amy has my address so she should have sent it out or will soon.. to iraq around first of February. Bye now!

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