Lake Agnes Trail


Today we rally for our first trip into the mountains outside Ft. Collins. At home it’s warm and sunny out. The drive up the Poudre canyon to Cameron Pass is a long and twisty one, during which the sky slowy darkens and the light strains into a pale yellow before turning grey. It’s an hour before we climb above snow line in gusty winds.

We park on the road to avoid state park parking fees. It is cold and windy, but as we snowshoe into the trees the wind fades. The snow is light and fluffy, and the awesome Nokhu Crags tower high above us. This is an area I’ve been to before, but it somehow feels different as part of my new home turf. Jezze is out of her mind with excitement, but unfortunately her feet quickly start bleeding from the ice balls they pick up. We may have to buy booties for her before our next foray into the snow.

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  1. Last Friday it snowed in Ridgecrest. They let us off work because of adverse driving conditions. I guess the 2 inches of snow was enough to close down the schools in town. So, there were many snowball fights all over town and snowpeople.

    Took the cats out. The smarter one figured out that the snow was cold/wet so he kept bolting for the door back inside. The other cat seemed oblivious to the weather and was content to just keep gnawing the grass.

    Glad you guys got out-looks like great conditions for snowshoeing.


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