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What a good documentary. Because it’s so unpretentious and unpreachy, even the arguments presented that I disagree with (for lawsuits against fast food companies) are not offensive or a turnoff. It addresses a genuine curiosity: what would happen to you if you ate nothing but McDonald’s food? That curiosity is satisfied with shocks and laughs along the way. It left me asking myself, “If 400,000 Americans die each year from preventable obesity-related illnesses, and that number is growing, doesn’t that represent a much greater threat to our country than the ones we hear in the news?”

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  1. I agree. I really liked this movie. My community college students discuss the top of fast food and have many of them problems illustrated so well in this movie. I found it effective without being offensive.

  2. I want to see this movie, I almost bought the book…did you read it? It is sad that so many people are dying of preventative disease-but it is self inflicted. One question-do you think that there is a chemical in Fast Food that is addictive? Like Nicotine? Ever now and then I find myself craving fries. Why such a strong craving, and I could make those at home-but they are just not the same. Hmmmm.

  3. I didn’t read the book, but it would almost make a good reference I think. There is information about addictive ingredients – mostly sugars, salts, caffeine, and various addictive proteins. Watch ‘the Smoking Fry’ DVD bonus to see the difference between McDonald’s fries and normal fries. The jist is that fast food is not food as we know it but substances engineered to taste good and promote addiction. The ingredient lists for any one item are incomprehensible to almost anyone.

  4. I read a recent article on NPR website about how they are feeding bird waste materials to bovines. In the article it states that by the time the waste material is processed it lookes like corn flakes or something equally nonsuspicious. It also states that chickens are also fed waste process from bovines, and the processed food watch organizations want to outlaw this odd feeding cycle. I think I even saw an article in the latest Consumer Reports mag. about this issue. I think I’m going to stick to organic range free meat products from now on!!!! It’s just sick.

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