How will we eat it?


We have a problem. Due to many changes in plans during our honeymoon on the continental divide last summer, we have a generous supply of leftover backpacking food. Mountainous, even. Some of it is still palatable after surviving on it for four months, and some of it is hard to even look at. Much of it is trail mix, not even dehydrated, and before too long it will go bad. I estimate we’ll have to eat one item per day, each, five days a week, to consume it all before it expires. After eating it day in and day out for so long, are we up to the challenge?


We have had a little help recently in simulating an authentic backpacking food preparation scenario. The electrical outlet that supplies current to our stove has been sparking and shorting out recently. Yesterday it finally gave out entirely. Until it is repaired, we’ve brought out the backpacking stove. It’s amazing how well it works with no wind, rain, snow, or uneven ground to contend with. It’s a little stinky, though.



This morning I contributed to the cause by eating half of a powdered egg-and-potato breakfast. Truth be told, I only resorted to this when I discovered we were out of real eggs. And really these meals are pretty good, especially with a little cheese added. There are much more difficult tasks ahead, which I plan to document here. With creativity, determination, and perseverance, I believe we can eat our horde before it turns into boxes of compost and paperweights.

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