Book: Heir of Autumn / Giles Carwyn and Todd Fahnestock

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Update: The book’s been published! It’s now listed on Amazon.

One of the authors of this book, Todd Fahnestock, gave a xeroxed, hole-punched, string-bound copy to Ann for me to read. She worked for him last week on a temp assignment. I don’t know anything else about him, but it appears he’s doing pretty well at juggling his career with a moonlight life as a fantasy author. I’m not a huge fantasy fan, except when it comes to great works like The Lord of the Rings, but once I got into this book I found myself enjoying and admiring it. The writing is imaginitive, epic, and effective, as fantasy writing must be to succeed. But it also captures multiple facets of love, eroticism, politics, and the difficult choices that can arise in all of these areas. It was a pleasant surprise that provided some much needed distraction while I scramble to finish my freelance work before starting my new job. I hope I see it in the window at the bookstore some day.

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  1. I was bored at work and just googled myself.

    Your comments are the first reference to Heir of Autumn on the web. Glad you enjoyed me and Todd’s book. It should be on shelves by April 06′.

    Good luck with the cyberhobo life.

    -Giles Carwyn

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