Movie: Together


A brilliant young violinist from the country seeks his fortune in Beijing. I’m a sucker for coming-of-age movies, and musical genius movies. This is both. The characters are quirky and good-hearted, and the soundtrack is gripping.

I think I like these movies because I know that I too was a musical genius growing up. I never actually succeeded very well in getting the music from my imagination into an instrument, but it was marvelous music in there. I suppose it’s too late now to go to Beijing to pursue musical greatness. Maybe being a hobo who occasional coaxes a few surprising notes from a guitar or piano is not such a bad fate.

2 responses to “Movie: Together”

  1. We’re having the end of summer party at Wagon Wheel tonight. We will certainly be missing your musical prowess. I remember the song about the one eyed woman…do you? That was awesome…my mind thanks you for that memory 8^)

  2. I love my one eyed woman, love her till the day I die,
    love her all the time, lord, even when we don’t see eye to eye!

    Wish I could be there – the last one was a blast!

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