The phone call came today – I have been offered the job at Colorado State University! Ann and I will probably head to Fort Collins tomorrow to scope out a place to live. Sarah has a friend with a dog-friendly place to rent near campus, and there seem to be lots of others. Even buying a place might not be out of the question. After such a long time floating in our nebulous state with no long-term prospects, it’s strange to suddenly be able to look into the future. I should mention that it’s a 21-month job, so I’m not talking distant future, but it’s a big difference from not knowing where the money will come from tomorrow or next week. I might be able to move my things out of storage for the first time in over three years!

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  1. Well, of course, I knew you’d find a good job in no time at all. Hey hey, this is one proud Mom over here in Michigan. You should have some good Fort Collins memories….we saw ET there when you were about ten, I believe. And that’s where you traded in your motorbike for a computer and learned basic before you got out of grade school. I could tell more but don’t want to embarrass you! Your MOM

  2. Oh, thanks for sparing me embarrassment! Perhaps that time I was grilled by the police for B&E is best forgotten. But it was also the site of my first solo hiking adventures, and a good introduction to rattlesnakes! We went out to Horsetooth Reservoir a couple of times I think, and I will probably be going back there to climb now. I’m sure other memories will come back. I think I even remembered the name of my 4th grade teacher – Mrs. Fields!

  3. Great News!!! Maybe it was the raisin stuck in the teeth that convinced them that you had the proper qualifications to become an absent minded professor. Congratulations and best of luck getting settled.


  4. Dylan and Anne
    Congratulations on your successful adventure and Good Luck with everything! I’ve been checking up on your trek off and on all summer long and am so envious of your trip! I am glad to see that you will soon start on another new adventure together in Ft. Collins. Take Care and we wish you all the best back here in Ridgecrest!
    Gina Niesen

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