CSU Job Interview

Today I had my first job interview at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. Ann suggested I bring a toothbrush, but I ignored her. I didn’t even look in the mirror before I went in.

The interview seemed to go well. I felt well-qualified, and I liked the people interviewing me. It wasn’t until I met Ann for lunch afterward that she made me aware of a chunk of something black, a bit of raisin maybe, in my teeth. It must have been there all morning. It makes me wonder what counts for more in an IT interview: knowledge and experience, or clean teeth?

4 responses to “CSU Job Interview”

  1. Interviewer is thinking: “Wow, he says he has a ‘blog’. I’ve heard about those things. I think I will go look at it… get a bit more insite into what makes this guy tick.”

    Few hours later….: “Holy PHUCK! HE DOESN’T EVEN CARE WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE FOR AN INTERVIEW!!?? He struggles up 5.8?!?!?!?.. no way I hire this guy.”

    plausible? yes! likely.. > yes.

  2. Comment by name? Is that YOU, “Chappy”? I saw your comments in the 5.8 post. It’s YOU, isn’t it? (LOL) ;-D

    cyberhobo, GOOD LUCK on the interviews!

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