Back on the rock


After scoping out Golden Cliffs, a sport climbing area above the monstrous Coors brewery in Golden, we’re inspired to get the gear out of the storage unit. We attempt two 5.8 routes on top rope, a crack and a face. The rock is good basalt, reminiscent of the rock in Owen’s River Gorge. We can hardly believe how weak and awkward we feel. The climbs seem HARD! I barely claw my way up them, and Ann can only get started. It feels good to get on a rope again, though, and we know we’ll be back.

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  1. Dylan:

    Good luck with the Fort Collins interview. I spoke with Ann, and this seems a good fit for your talents and your future goals both for a workplace and a place to live.


  2. you suck. that’s all i gotta say. 5.8!

    i nearly onsited a “Run For Your Life” 5.10b.. it’s the bolt route next to the that 5.11a/b we did on our last trip to JTree. i woulda had it but… well, right at the crux, i was totally concetrating and “someone” yells out “You’re at the crux.. hang in there.. dont’ fall”. it was a rather blatant attempt to fukk with me. i can’t wait to get him back!
    i redpointed it on my next attempt.

    randy then dogged his way up the 5.11 route. i seconded it. harder at the top than i remember, though i was rushing. there was a 2nd party up there and were wanting to toss there rope down.. which would land right on me. so i was hurrying.

    did a bunch of sick boulder problems there as well. a;lskfja;sldfja;sldfj wooooooooooooooooooop!

  3. yeah yeah – the rock feels funny now. Or I feel funny on the rock. Or sumthin. It’ll come back, I’m sure. Anyway, no reason for you not to rock on at JT!

  4. climbers who have experienced this “funny” feel that you are so ineptly describing NEVER regain their form. never. they always are mired in sukkdom.

    btw.. i heard it snowed. har har har. .. s’posed to be 92 dotay!

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