Having a Ball


My dad and Sarah have been avid dancers for a long time, but only recently have become competitive. Ann and I have fun rooting for them at this competition at the Antler’s Hilton in Colorado Springs. There are lots of good dancers there, all in full costume. It is fun to watch, but it also takes a long time to get through well over a hundred heats of different dances and dancers. For a non-dancer, one of the aspects of these events that is surprising is the sums of money people invest in it. Competitors pay by the dance ($30-60), often pay to dance with a professional, and wear formal outfits that can easily run into the thousands of dollars. To be fair, I think about how much an avid skier might spend in a season, and the difference wanes. People will always invest in their passions, and it will always be surprising to peek into someone else’s investment.

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  1. I think my dad and Sarah won a couple of heats. The competition wasn’t at all fierce – I think in some of the heats they had no competitors in their age bracket. It would be fun if there was more head to head – if I go to another one I’ll try to make it a big one.

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