Autumn and Fall Colors


I’m fortunate to be able to stay at my dad and Sarah’s house in Indian Hills where it is easy to take a break and get outdoors. I’ve been so immersed in nature this summer, I think I might have withdrawals if I were staying the city. Looking for work is a rough ride – there aren’t many outside forces to help moderate mood swings. You may feel smart and powerful after writing a resume, then totally inadequate when faced with lists of imposing job requirements. The ups and downs are everywhere. There’s no set schedule to the day unless you create one of your own, which I haven’t yet done. My only rule is to get outside and push myself at least once every couple of days. I never want to, due to the post-trek lethargy that has hit me after all my big adventures. But after some hard breaths of clean air and some quiet contemplation of a beautiful vista, I feel totally replenished.

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