Day 108

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Spotted Bear River to West Fork Sun River
24 mi ::
1498 mi ::

Morning rain rolls in again today. I try waiting it out while I eat breakfast, but it just comes down harder. The climb to Spotted Bear Pass is muddy with bushes taller than me overgrowing the trail. It’s like hiking in a car wash.

When I reach reach the southern Chinese Wall the rain lets up and I get some views. The cliffs curve like a spine above me. I follow at the base for several miles, having lunch and drying gear during a spot of sunshine.

I see people and horses, as this is a popular area, but no one I talk with has seen a bear. One person heard a report of a sighting.

Soon after I leave the high places for more river walking the rain returns. This time I get thunder, lighting, and blasts of wind, but it doesn’t rain as hard.

At a trail junction a “Closed Area” sign has been posted. It seems to include a piece of the CDT, and I wonder if I’ll have to find another route. There’s a patrol cabin ahead, so I go there and ask. Apparently a mule died in a camp over the weekend and attracted some Black bears. They closed the camping area, but not the trail, so I can get through. I go ahead, being extra noisy, and see no bears.

Another thunderstorm seems to be brewing, so I throw the tent up when I find a spot. I get to bed dry, but it seems likely to be a wet night.

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