Day 78

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Big Willis Gulch to Twin Lakes
3 mi ::
988 mi ::
8,900 steps ::
Sunny, afternoon clouds

I wait for the sun to hit me before getting going today, since I don’t have far to go. Once I’m going I’m excited to see what I’ll find in Twin Lakes.

I try the most direct way to town along a faint road once I’ve descended the steep Willis Gulch. The road soon disappears into Lake Creek, which is quite sizeable and swift right now. Because I’m eager to get to Twin Lakes, I try the ford, but upstream a bit where it’s shallower. The water still gets thigh deep, and proves too fast for my feet to hold on the bottom. I get across somehow with a sort of skiing technique using my poles. Once across I realize I’m quite lucky I didn’t dunk my camera (much less myself).

There are a number of shallow pools to wade through on the other side, and I slosh into Twin Lakes quite wet. Ann, Animal, and Garlic Man are all sitting at the cafe to greet me. Ann hits me first with a big kiss, and I forget about being wet. The four of us talk shop on the patio over coffee and fresh cinnamon rolls, take group pictures, and act like hikers. It’s fun to finally hang out with some other hikers, but soon it’s time for them to hit the trail. I hope I catch up with them again later.

Ann and I go back to her campsite, where my dad and Sarah soon meet us. We have a fine 4th of July with a nice hike, cold beer, chips and salsa, and a few of our gourmet backpacking dinners.

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