Day 74

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Crest Trail Shelter to Monarch Pass
6 mi ::
919 mi ::
12,150 steps ::
Rain and fog

I’m fortunate that I chose to sleep in the shelter. During the night a serious storm comes through and hammers the roof with rain. Once when I wake up it sounds like a creek is flowing outside, but I’m dry.

In the morning it’s settled down to a drizzle. I’m surprised to see two mountain bikers ride by as I’m getting dressed. I guess they don’t stop for much around here.

The crest trail is known for it’s fabulous views, but I see only clouds, then fog. The rain continues. I want nothing but to reach the pass and find a sheltered spot to wait for Ann.

I walk the six miles to Monarch Pass without breakfast. There’s a little tourist trap on the pass that serves some food. I leave my pack by the door, go in, and look the menu over. I almost give in and order a chili dog, but decide to have another look outside first to see if there’s anywhere around I could cook my own breakfast.

To my amazement, the Subaru is in the parking lot on the other side of the shop. Ann peeks out, sees me, and crawls out of her sleeping bag in the back. I can’t describe how good it is to see her.

She makes me coffee and feeds me hard boiled eggs, then drives me to Gunnison for some much appreciated food and R&R.

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