Day 73

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Baldy Lake Trail to Crest Trail Shelter
25 mi ::
913 mi ::
52,250 steps ::
Overcast, afternoon showers

I’m amazed! The morning is not too wet, or too cold! I change clothes in the open air to celebrate. Quickly though – it’s not actually warm out.

The lovely rolling divide trail continues. At breakfast another CT hiker, John, wanders by. He has a big pack and a Bible in one hand, place marked with his finger. We chat a bit about the trail. He tells me the two CDT hikers ahead of me plan to reach Monarch Pass today and hitchhike to Salida to resupply. He describes them as two grizzly bearded guys, one looks to be in his 30’s and the other in his 40’s. I suspect one may be Mother Nature’s Son, who we met in Silver City. Maybe I’ll catch them coming back to the pass tomorrow.

The storms begin today around lunch time. Just light rain and a little thunder. The forest gets quiet sometimes between them. At one point I realize I’m the only thing in the world making noise. It raises my attention level. The first other noise I hear is an airplane several minutes later.

At last I encounter a long steep climb up Windy Mountain. On top I meet Bill, another CT hiker. He’s doing it by driving to a trailhead, leaving his car, and hitchhiking back to the previous trailhead. He’s been wanting to do some moonlight walking, but it’s been too cloudy.

On the descent to Marshall Pass it finally starts to rain hard. I find a good shelter tree and have dinner. The rain continues until I’ve eaten my last snickers bar, then stops.

Marshall Pass has a few campsites but no fresh water, so I keep going. I soon pass the piped spring I’m looking for, but now campsites are scarce and everything is wet. Then I remember there’s a shelter on the this section, and I move on to check it out. It smells a little smoky from the fire ring outside it, but it’s the only dry patch of ground around.

Tomorrow I should have an easy 6 miles to Monarch Pass, where I’ll wait happily for Ann to rendevous with me again. 🙂

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