Day 61

Indian Hills
0 mi ::
693 mi ::

It rains and hails even harder today. I worry about the hikers out there who may be without much shelter in the storm, and continue to wonder if more snow is being deposited in the high country.

We spend the day packing, organzing, and fussing with gear. I plan on using my beercan alcohol stove, which needs a pot stand. I make one with JB-Kwik weld that smokes and stinks, one with steel brackets that wobbles and is far too heavy, and one with a coat hanger that also wobbles and barely holds together. In the end I decide to try the smoky one. The worst that can happen is that I’ll have to hold the pot over the stove by the handle.

Ann sorts through huge piles of gear. We plot our first few rendevous on various maps. We’ll have two fairly short legs, then an 8-day stretch. Ann will have to hike 7 miles into Weminuche Pass to bring me that load of food. Her adventures aren’t over by any means!

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