Day 60

Indian Hills
0 mi ::
693 mi ::
Foggy, light rain

We pick up the car and race around doing errands today. All but one possible oil leak in the transmission, which would be a major job, have been fixed. The mechanic shows me all the parts he replaced and the replacement parts, which I like even if I don’t know what I’m looking at. We deem the Subaru roadworthy for Ann.

We rummage for car camping gear in our storage locker, which has accumulated some dust but is otherwise sound.

We drop by Pete’s to take him out to lunch. Ann’s dog Jezze is there of course. She almost snaps at me before she recognizes us. She seems both happy to see us and happy living with Pete – the best we could hope for.

My biggest new gear requirement is a lightweight one-person shelter. I like the 2.25 lb. Mountain Hardware Waypoint ($200) the best of everything in the catalog at REI, but they’re out of stock at the downtown store. We head south for another store near my old neighborhood in Highlands Ranch. It’s pouring rain on the crowded I-25. I wonder what the weather is like in the San Juans. Maybe I’ll return to more snow instead of less.

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