Day 27

Pie Town
0 mi ::
303 mi ::
Sunny, windy

Today we volunteer to take out the trash from the overflowing bins in Pie Town’s Jackson Park. Nita helps us and drives us with the trash to the dump in her truck. Then I help Don take their trash out and move a sofa. It’s nice to contribute a little to this place.

Now I’m on Don and Nita’s computer, typing in some of the journals I missed while the solar panel was out. I’m afraid I won’t be able to include photos for now, some GPS points are missing, and a few entries still on my computer may show up later out of order. But this is much better than nothing at all!

We plan to head for Grants tomorrow. Ann’s shoe problem still isn’t solved, but we may try some more modifications to her current shoes.

Cellphone signals are getting a little rarer now, but hopefully I’ll get my gadgets back in order and resume normal posting soon.

Just a reminder: we occasionally read email but don’t have an easy way to read the comments on this site. Comments are a good way to leave a permanent remark or give everyone else reading the site an update (thanks Mom!) Thanks to everyone for your help and encouragement!

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