Day 10

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Resting is getting harder. We have lots of energy and want to get out, but also keep Ann off her feet. I run some errands on my own while Ann elevates and ices her ankles. Later we go out together to put a patch on her sleeping pad and mail some boxes. She says her tendons feel better, but still not 100%. We have one more night of rest to give them.

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  1. Hey, you got a room with a view. Can tell you’ve been getting plenty of sun. Good luck with the legs, feet, etc.

  2. Got the half book and the post card of the lovely Santa Rita mine truck. I’ll stay in touch. Am going to be out of town for the next couple of days, but will be following your progress by visiting the site often. Good luck.


  3. ann- i see that famous water bottle..remember the joke that we had?
    please..ann use more sunscreen……….I just was out hiking in short canyon in 104 F. I really got some red myself so I am feeling for you.
    Tell Dylan to give you a foot massage.

  4. Ann you look fabulous! And what did you do to your hair? I colored mine red…yours looks lighter than before. Already sun bleached?

    I hope your tendons mend soon. My love to you both. Mary

  5. Still checking out the blogs. Glad you are both still happy. Hope your foot tendons feel better when you start out again, Ann! You look just too happy sitting there on the bed with your book/ice 8^) Can’t wait to see the next post from your honeymoon. And Yeah, Dylan should give you a foot rub!

  6. Hi you two.

    I sent you both a CDT bandana. Problem is I used one of your resupply addresses and can’t remember which one now. I know I sent it far ahead enough that you wouldn’t miss it. So check your resupply Post Offices.

    Love reading your journals. I am going to be hiking solo now, my partner doesn’t want to partner. Yikes. So I am a little concerned about the water in NM.

    Hope Ann’s feet are healing.


  7. dylan.. thanks for the tooled rock and the post card. heh.

    i was surprised to see ANTYHING in the mail from you. my first thought was “Wow, he shouldn’t waste time/money on sending stuff.”

    upon further reflection i realized that YER DOING WHAT YOU WANT!!

    thanks. i hope all is good.
    it’s hot as PHUKK here. was 104 last sunday, i was still up in Bishop.

    did the Happy Boulders on Sat.. very nice (Sean / Haley and co.).
    did the ORG on Sun. ;laksjf;asljf

    talk to you later

  8. Hope you guy are ok as we ain’t herard from you in a while. I’ll be in Dallas from the 11th to the 19th, but mi casa is your casa if you want to make it up here on a break. There’s a key at Steve Asher’s house. Think of you every day + hope you’re doing well.


  9. Just so you all know who read these things, I got a call about a week ago that Dylan and Ann were okay but couldn’t find cell towers to upload on and they were calling me from a pay phone. But I’ve beenon the road and haven’t heard anything again. The only problem with this blog is that we worry about them when we don’t hear anything!

    And to Ann and Dylan, my love to you both and hope you are well. I’ve been on the road since last Thursday on my annual Michigan sales trip. I’m doing great. My beach book, I’m told, sold a lot last year….some bookstores up north sold 40 to 50 copies each!

    Today I drive to Indiana and back to Saugatuck. Posters will be printed tomorrow in Holland. All this must sound so remote to you! I’ll be home again probably on Wednesday (being May 12).

    Love, Mom

  10. Thanks to “Mom” for updating us about what’s happening. I too was starting to worry-but just figured Ann & Dylan got tired of spending precious energy with bloggin. It’s not hot here anymores-but windy! The other day we had 60+ mph winds (right randy?) and today forecasted up to 40! Hope it’s not that windy for you two! Oh and BTW *who* is NAME, I wonder who the dick-ens is that? Hee-hee!

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