Day 8

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Tyrone Mine to Silver City
13 mi ::
117 mi ::
Sunny, warm, breezy

The heavy machinery up in the Tyrone mine worked all through the night. We’re glad we didn’t camp any closer.

Ann’s feet seem much better when we start walking past the big copper mine. The variety of colors in the huge tailing piles is amazing. We see cascades of water running down the rocks in spots, into pipes that emerge in a little plant at the base.

Highway walking is tough on the feet, and after breakfast Ann starts limping again. We take it slow and theorize about the type of people who wave from cars, and how they do it. One enthusiastic RV driver nearly dislocates his arm giving us the thumbs-up, which brightens our mood considerably.

The prospect of town makes us giddy at times, but depressed when it never seems to come. Ann especially isn’t used to this process, and hits the extreme highs and lows. Eventually we stumble into Silver City, and are thankful when the Palace Hotel has a room for us.

We’re now well fed and in a cozy room. We’ll have two full days of R&R here before launching off into the boonies again…

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  1. Greetings travelers of the known and sometimes unknown (that adds the extra adventure you wanted? hehe) Anyway, this is definitely cool reading this log and looking at your pics and so get to follow along on your journey – which seems to be very exciting so far. Ann, thanks so much for the video – only one of the clips made me nauseous (sp?). and thanks again for giving my little “speech” – i couldn’t have done it better. Talked to ryan yesterday and he sounded very tired – they had spent the whole day opening gifts (tiring, i know) and said they had great time at mission springs. We are still formulating plans for my leave time – we’ll let you know. Rumors we may head out august… who knows – i don’t believe much they tell us anymore – doesn’t really matter anyway – when they give us the written orders then we’ll know we are really going. Anyway, happy trails, literally! and take care of yourselves! love randy for us

  2. Hi,

    I came across your blog while trying to find similiar sites to mine(or similiar to what I want mine to be, since I have just started really) and was wondering if you might want to exchange links?

  3. I love the photo….walking for hours with your shadow can really tell you a lot about yourself….a journey within:)–alice

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