The lights are on

This will probably be my last post from a ‘plugged in’ computer! We’re at Peter Gould’s house in Sante Fe. Our solar panels were rescued in Pueblo by a very busy but capable Greyhound employee named Terry. That was a big relief, and I look forward to my first attempt to send a post from the trail.

We did miss some of Ann’s friends here because of my blunder, including Kathleen, who had offered us free pre-hike massages. My apologies to everyone who was expecting us in the afternoon.

I noticed that my emailed posts get stamped with Hong Kong time. No time to fix it now, so I’ll probably just note the local time in my posts. Also, thanks to everyone for the supporting comments! I probably won’t be able to read them very often from here on out, but they’re appreciated.

Today we head to Silver City, tomorrow the trailhead!

3 responses to “The lights are on”

  1. Today is the BIG DAY! Your Dad called so we could celebrate you two as you begin your well-earned honeymoon. Just preparing for a trip like this is a test of patience and tenacity and attention to teeny details. If God is in the details, you will certainly have Her along.

    I am so impressed with your pack lists! You have planned carefully and well, and so off with ya! I love you both and think of you every day. Your Dad and I went to Germany for four months for our honeymoon and we agreed it was one of our best ideas ever. Love, Mom

  2. Hey Guys:

    It was great to be a part of the launch in Southern New Mexico. Those two Mexican Border Guards on the other side of the international fence are probably still scratching their heads trying to figure out what the loco gringos were up to. What a great ride to get to the trail head! I enjoyed seeing that part of the country for the first time. And Silver City was great. I promise in the future not to be too embarassing in front of cute waitresses, but that’s only a promise. Good luck & Be safe. Keep in touch. The taxi service is on call.



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