Misadventure Number One

moblog thumbnailWe’re sitting at the bus station in Colorado Springs! I can’t believe it. I ran to get breakfast burritos when the bus stopped here, and when I came back the driver was unloading our bags. I can’t blame him for not letting us back on – we’d already made him late!

It was agony watching the bus pull away without us, knowing we’d miss our offer for free massages this afternoon, but suddenly it got much worse. I remembered I’d left my solar panel charging some batteries in the window! That thing is the object of so much of my hope and effort, I nearly cried.

The lady here called the next bus station and asked them to board the bus to look for it. I have my fingers crossed!

3 responses to “Misadventure Number One”

  1. Kinda haddah feelin’ you two were off an going, and tuned in to find you got on the bus yesterday. Further! This first time I checked the site this year, i’m working too much. Haven’t had a chance to review all the info on your trip yet and gotta sleep.

    Hope you got the panels back, that musta been a hard moment. I imagine they are absolutely key to you keeping in touch with us all.

    Hope you see the moon on many beautiful nights and that your hearts are sweet as honey, wow that’s sticky, but i mean it.

    Love and hugs, michael b, writing from Santa cruz

  2. Thanks Michael! Don’t work too much!

    This mishap ended up being important to me, because it was my mistake but Ann stuck with me through it. I definitely owe her a massage!

  3. i don’t get this.. i am confused.

    you boarded the bus, put some stuff on there, then went to get burritos. the guy decides to leave, so he unloads yer stuff… you come back, he says you can’t get on.. this weird. did i get it right?? grrrr

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