We cast wisom aside and head for the roller coaster after brunch. “Speed” is the name of the ride, and I should have given it some consideration. I was thinking I’d have some time to prepare. I sit down, lower the harness over my shoulders, look at Ann beside me, and the next thing I know I’m sideways going 50 mph. It’s like getting shot out of a cannon. By the time I realize what’s happened I’m upside-down in the loop. By the time I realize I need to breathe I’m headed straight up in a vertical freefall. There are a few peaceful moments of pure gravitational action, impossible to tell which direction I’m moving until I scream back into the loop backwards. Breathe, breathe. Then sideways again, at last I’ve recovered enough to laugh. Then we screech to a halt and it’s over. It feels like part of me never left the starting platform. I feel my belly. Yep, the champagne brunch is still there!

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