Show: Zumanity


We’re nearly late for this show and have to charge three miles through crowds on the strip to make it. Our $65 balcony seats are cabaret stools close to the bar.

The performances are amazing, as we’d expect from Cirque du Soleil, and sexy, as we’d expect from the billing. Sometimes the injection of sex into the acts seems a little forced, or distracts somehow from appreciating the incredible ability of the performers. I’d like to see the regular Cirque du Soleil show sometime. I think I might find it just as erotic.


2 responses to “Show: Zumanity”

  1. Dudes, Dennis & I liked this show too. My favorite was the water scene in the beginning. Followed by the “sporty” skit where the girl is hinting to get rid of the tv…glad you guys liked it!

    We went to Vegas last weekend and saw Blue Man Group. It was okay-but not sexy enough to keep my attention hee-hee!

  2. I saw the Blue Man group in Chicago! The two things I remember best are an amazing nouveau-art-marshmallow skit, and watching the whole audience make a surging ocean out of huge tissue rolls in a strobelight. Same show in Vegas, I wonder?

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