A new kind of job



It might look, given my recent entries, like we’re sitting around watching movies these days. Actually, organizing our supplies and getting all our gear working has become our new full-time job. I haven’t published any of the many tables and lists we are working on yet, because there are constant revisions, and we want to publish the last one before we leave.


We’ve fallen into a nice segmentation of our days. We start with analyzing our route, making key decisions about maps, alternate routes, food, and water. When our heads are spinning fast enough to make our eyes cross, we shift to making and stocking our 33 supply boxes. That gets tiresome and monotonous after a while, so we walk to Mugs, a local internet cafe, to write emails and research things like current water levels and supply locations. I’ve also been putting a lot of effort into getting some GPS software working on my handheld computer.

Next we really will take a break, to attend the 2004 Sociometry Fair.

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