Little Hunk & Snickers, Joshua Tree


We meet our friends Steve and Catherine in Joshua Tree and agree to go to the Echo Rock area. Their friends Mike, Roger, and Hoffman are on their way also.

I haven’t been feeling like leading anything, but when we get to the Little Hunk the weather is gorgeous and there is a short 5.8 roof called Monkey Business that looks like a good diversion. I borrow a few wide cams from Steve and go for it. My head is still not in trad-mode, and I’ve never really protected a big roof before. I make a pretty stressed, muddled ascent, with a nasty cleaning job left for the follower. Ann tries, but ends up accepting Steve’s offer to clean up my mess.

It gets better after that. I follow Wage and Price Ceiling 5.10d, nice bolted face, and Space Slot 5.10a which has several fun moves – one going up a giant block and another stepping off of it back onto the face. Then we move to Snickers and I get some nice shots of Roger trying to lead a new 5.11-ish bolted route. Steve ends up finishing the lead. I try it on TR, enjoy the thin face moves, and get stymied right where Roger did.

We all finish the day at Crossroads, where we see a very suprised Miki with an unnamed companion. Afterward we say goodbye to Steve & Catherine, unsure when we’ll meet again, and head back to camp.

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  1. You’da been proud. My pieces were all in a perfect line … straight out the roof,all at the same height. Great for climbing out, a huge Z when climbing UP…

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