Beware Travelocity/Continental

These guys sold my mom a non-refundable ticket to Brussels that looked fine at first glance. Upon closer examination she saw that they had her landing at JFK airport in New York, then leaving for Brussels from Newark! Their customer service offers no apologies or alternatives – it’s make or break. Her only option is to reserve a $100 limo and hope it gets her there on time. All I can say is, use another airline & booking service if you can.

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  1. Interesting, a friend of mine once had a flight be rescheduled an hour EARLIER. So, when he got to the airport, he missed his flight. Travelocity never sent him an update, or cautioned to continually check on flights…I don’t use Travelocity, so it didn’t matter to me-but a lot of other people do! Oh, and my friend had to fight them for 2 months over the phone to get them to reimburse his flight! Geesh!

  2. Since my son Dylan made my plight public here, a good idea indeed, I want to report what happened…a friend suggested I get to the Detroit airport several hours early so I would have time to talk to supervisors before things got crazy. It was a good idea. But I had to talk to four people, all of whom sent me to somebody else, until the fourth one just wrote up my ticket as was==I would still have to try to get from JFK to Newark, in a snowstorm, during rush hour, and during high terror alert, in three and a half hours, and if I missed my flight to Brussels, I was stuck for two weeks at the Newark airport waiting for my return flight home.

    After everyone had given up and issued my impossible boarding passes, I decided that I still had over two hours to go so I might as well use the time to harrass as many people as possible and keep trying. I finally did find one continental person who took pity on me…or maybe the fact that I told her I was a travel writer got me the action..and she got me on one of the two Continental flights to Newark and I had plenty of time to catch my plane.

    The moral of this tale is, check every single detail when making your own travel arrangements, and if things don’t work out, just squeak away until they do. Thanks, Dylan!

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