“I don’t know everything…”

“…I know a little bit about everything, but I don’t know everything.” This bit of wisdom came from Larry, who has been installing a heater in our shack for the past three weeks. It’s been a learning process for all of us. Larry’s laissez faire style of home improvement involves working until an insurmountable impediment is encountered, going to the new Home Depot in Ridgecrest; repeat. This cycle has added a new rhythm to our daily lives, like a second form of breathing. We now have a small furnace that can be lit and responds to the thermostat, but doesn’t have the right kind of vent. Larry says we can use it if we leave a window cracked, “so you don’t get carbon monoxide poisoning…”

5 responses to ““I don’t know everything…””

  1. yes yes.
    but what with natural gas prices soaring and overnite temperatures dropping, i recommend closing the window.


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