Charcoal Kilns

thumbnailOn our way down from the Telescope Peak trailhead we stop to peer at these odd constructions. Designed by Swiss engineers and built by Chinese laborers, these kilns burned piñon pines into charcoal for the Modock mine 30 miles south. They were operated for three years, then left as perches for the ravens and whatever strange creatures care to venture inside.

3 responses to “Charcoal Kilns”

  1. that pic turned out good too. looks like yer hat is glowing. my friend saw the pics and asked if “the lemurians” lived in there. i don’t know what “lemurians” are.

    yes, the kilns are impressive, not just for their size, but their construction. they are built like brick shithouses.

    there is strong movement to remove ALL vestiges of mining/human activity and restore the land to its “natural state”. .. i am guessing these dilluded fukks believe humans are unnatural.

  2. Yeah, I might have to start letting you carry the camera…

    I don’t exactly believe that everything humans touch turns to gold, either. Some of our creations I value, some I don’t. The kilns are interesting, and don’t hurt anything IMO.

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