Joshua Tree – Echo Cove

I’m still feeling off, but agree to go with Ted to Echo Cove to TR stuff while Ann makes a run into town for ice and beer. First we play on a steep, thin crack with just a couple of pockets for holds. Ted works through it, I don’t quite get it. Then Ted leads an overhanging route with big holds on the north end of the same rock. I follow that OK, and we play on the route next to it as well. Fun jug hauling.

5 responses to “Joshua Tree – Echo Cove”

  1. yah.. the jug haul stuff was fun.
    d did one of them 2x.. i was both surprised and impressed. GOOD STUFF.

    the “crack” was a one move wonder.
    the crack/holds felt more like a pockets.
    it was fun, but hot… speaking of HOT…

    there was a HOT girl from Holland next to us.
    VERY distracting. what a babe.’
    she was wearing this HORRID harness:
    bubble gum pink and blue checkered thing with bubble gum pink gear loops.
    her shoes were just as impressively horrid. fuschia laces, + other horrid colors on them.
    still, she was just tooo hot to describe.

    i don’t think dylan even saw her. maybe that woulda motivated him to get up the crack.

    the “crack” was a TR… you couldn’t get pro in. .. at least not at or before the crux.

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