Joshua Tree – Double Cross 5.7+


Ted has never led Double Cross, and Ann wants to climb it, so we make it our pre-breakfast climb of the day. On the trail to the climb, blocking our way, is a big hairy tarantula. I remember the last one we saw at Wagon Wheel – Ted poked the ground in front of it with a stick and it pounced, lightning fast. Today he steps quickly over the giant spider. I don’t feel quite so brave in my sandals, and hop up onto the rocks.

Ted leads Double Cross well, but I’m happy to see not entirely easily. I like to think that even a strong climber has some work to do on this climb. Ted is happy with my beta on the first piece of pro – the big #10 hexcentric. Ann and I both enjoy following him. I try to stay at least half in the crack all the way up, which is more work still.

One response to “Joshua Tree – Double Cross 5.7+”

  1. yes.. Double Cross caused me considerable consternation… or sumpin’.
    i climbed past the “crux”, then downclimbed it. i had to think quite a bit on it.
    next time, i am gonna do more crack climbing on it or other cracks.
    it’s the thinking “How do I do this without using the crack” on a crack climb that kills me.

    good route, GREAT 1st piece of pro.

    best belay cove (top and bottom) ever. sweet stuff.

    the tarantula was a hairy ba$tard

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