Suicide Rock


Our first instinct in the morning is to relax all day and forget about climbing. But after a good breakfast at the Idyllwild Cafe we decide to at least hike up to look at Suicide Rock. And bring some gear just in case. Randy comes along and gives us a tour of his old stomping ground. He even leads a slightly run out 10a slab route, which I’m happy to play with on TR. Jeff is also there with Karen and Marques, but I stop short of accepting his invitation to TR Flower of High Rank (5.9), or Etude (5.11). I’m content to try downclimbing Randy’s 10a slab, which is surprisingly fun, and take pictures.

2 responses to “Suicide Rock”

  1. wtf has happened to you?? seriously, you were an animal.

    i don’t see any less commitment on yer part, i see more complacency.

    i’m gonna start calling you ‘Berry‘.

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