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I started the day at the polls, voting my Libertarian conscience in the California Recall Gubanatorial Field Day. Then I went to work – yesterday I emailed a colleague and she came through instantly with a couple weeks worth of coding for me to do! So I got to spend the day learning Objective C and Cocoa, working on beautiful cinematic mac display. Afterward I headed out to wagon wheel to meet Ann, who rode out with Clare on bikes. We had just enough time for couple of quick boulder problems before the sun set. Home again, the web headlines announcing the recall of governor Davis and the victory of Arnold Schwarzenegger have just come up. What a day.

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  1. I thought there were two Libertarians in the running. If you don’t mind me being nosy, which one caught your fancy? I’ve been following the circus with a little bit of guilty pleasure. Just curious.

  2. There were three, but in the research I did I passed up two of them quickly, settling on Jack HIckey. California seems to breed pretty enigmatic Libertarians that rarely share many of my values. I look for a strong respect for freedom, so at least I’m free to defend my values along with those who do share them.

  3. he voted for Davis.

    California wil NOT see anything but a Democrat or a Republican as Governor in our lifetime.

    we’re gonna see if Arnold was just messing around or if he thinks he can really do this.
    of course, being a kennedy, he may not live that long anyway.

  4. CyberHobo,

    I think he is making that rather common accusation that by voting Libertarian, you ended up voting for Davis. I think this is somewhat akin to the notion of elections as a horserace. Picking the winner is far better than following your conscience. Not that it isn’t evident what side I stand on.

  5. i voted for The Terminator since this is a Total Recall.

    fate is NOT on his side (being a ~Kennedy).

    yah, i voted for him.
    i heard his political banter a long time ago. he was on the president’s (Reagan) physical fitness deal when i was a kid.
    he was also staunchly anti-communist.

    but i dunno now. i think he’s gonna be just another politician piece of shit (for sure), but he’s RIGHT. very very moderate, but fukking shitcokc davis was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay left. yuk..

    have fun at T-quitz

  6. From my perspective, the bums on the right and left both need a bare-a$$ed spankin. Nobody gets my vote based on the right/left-meter. And I won’t be bullied into giving it up because my values are unpopular either. It’s my vote, it goes for the best approximation of my values, period.

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