Wagon Wheel Festivities


The gang gathers to crank some problems, have a few drinks, play some music, throw some grub on the grill, and generally celebrate life with boulders.

3 responses to “Wagon Wheel Festivities”

  1. this was fun, what else can i say.. oh, that’s right.

    ok, this was a BLAST!!
    great food. GREAT FOOOOOD! lots of condiments, all of which were good.
    great people. oh man.. it was great.
    great music. dylan is good, but Walter has some real talent. has a huuuge range in his voice. good guitarer too.

    ann was going apeshit. i actually let her wear a pair of my good shoes. she did right though, getting up some nice problems totally blotto.

    great fire. great fun… LET’S DO EET AGAIN!

  2. are you FUKKING SERIOUS? i would NEVER let my mother know about this site.
    has dylan showed you the porn section on it? WOW. that’s all i gotta say.

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