Movie: The Last Picture Show


This is the real stuff. It was controversial when released in ’71, and it’s still provocative. The minimalist setting of small town Texas in 1952 boils the coming-of-age theme down to the bone. Great period soundtrack too, even if I’m not a big country fan.

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  1. there’s a ‘must see’ sequel, if you at all interested in seeing what became of the characters in that.
    it’s not a great movie, or even as unsettling, unnerving as the first, but it’s the same actors/actresses.

  2. I found it, it’s called Texasville. Same director, but it looks like no Timothy Bottoms, Ben Johnson, or Cybill Shepherd in the cast. Cloris Leachman, Randy Quaid, and Eileen Brennan are there. I’ll probly check it out.

  3. I only watched this to see Cybill Shepherd’s tits! It was actually a decent movie. I was only 17 back in 71 and thought Cybill was hot!

  4. Cybill Shephard was in Texasville and though the movie is
    lacking a good storyline, it has an interest as to what people
    grow to be considering their upbringing ( in an ” I saw what
    shaped their lives through high school graduation and it
    would be neet to fast forward to their mid-forties and see
    what became of them” kind of way ) and circumstance.

    My interest was helped along by exposure to that particular
    area in Texas, in which the story’s town is acually set in
    Archer City – Texas, and my life in Duane’s ( Jeff Bridges )
    career field ( Oilfield ).

    I do know that there is a nice library in Archer City
    owned and operated by Larry McMurtray. If westerns are an
    area of interest to you, it is a must see, that is the word
    that I get.

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