Don’t take a ride in Raleigh

Cyclists across the nation have reacted with furor to reports, widely disseminated on the Internet, that a Raleigh, NC radio station (G105) owned by Clear Channel Communications recently advocated violence against cyclists, including suggestions of how to run cyclists off the road. On two morning shows last week, the disc jockeys encouraged listeners to call in with stories of how they had harassed cyclists, whom they felt should not be on the road. One host joked of pelting cyclists with empty Yoo-Hoo bottles. Calls came in from listeners who agreed with him, and said that they would take similar action. A show intern discussed a man in her neighborhood who shoots a pellet gun at cyclists as they ride by his house, attempting to hit their tires to make them crash.

Visit the League of American Bicyclists to voice concern.

10 responses to “Don’t take a ride in Raleigh”

  1. what a fukking cock.
    that’s truly unbelievable.
    people are insane. that jockey needs his face smashed to asphalt at a high rate of speed … let him know what it feels like.

    i think there should be laws that protect bicyclists. like, it’s a “hate crime” to go after bicyclists. it’s terrorism too, singling out a group for torment. get ’em on the new anti-terrorism laws.

    seriously though, that if completely ridiculous. i am constantly amazed at the level of stupidity of people.
    truly pointless to harass bicyclists.

    in the old days, when some cokkfaced motherufucker pulled into the intersection blocking my while seeing the whole time, i would spit a loach on their car.
    but not here… town is too small and it’d be someone that i’d end up working for.
    people are waaaaaaaaaay to small minded to let a “loach on the windshield for almost killing someone” stick in their mind… i mean sheeeeesh… they did NOT kill me, no harm no foul.
    the logic that doesn’t work biking.
    that’s the same kind of ill logic that says “killer whales don’t like the taste of human. they’ll just bite you, realize your human and let you go..”

  2. It’s the kind of stupidity that can come back to bite. If somebody hit one of the DJ’s kids riding in their neighborhood, would they stand by their “principles”? No, because it’s a stupid principle, not worth anyone’s life.

  3. well, “consider the source”.
    i mean, these ‘shock jocks’ are nothing but tripe. they spew ridiculousness to the masses for SHOCK VALUE.
    i used to listen to Howard Stern in the morning. he would shock, but he was also fairly intelligent.
    this whole “fukk with bicyclists” thing is purely stupid.
    your amusement should NOT put someone at serious risk of great bodily harm.
    i am pretty conservative, but i think these dj’s should be legally reprimanded.

  4. i see you went in and hyperlinked my formerly non-hyper link.
    that’s ok, i suppose, but… well, it’s the thought of you editing my stuff that infuriates me.
    so, i don’t remember the HTML for a hyperlink… maybe you could put it on there.

    WW30 = 1500 for ME. yum.

  5. Yes, I know you would never edit someone else’s writing, say, on a mailing list or something… Anyway, to avoid such transgressions in the future this is what the html looks like for a link to my site:

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  6. coolest site ever… dylan, i … i want you to give me editing powers on this here blog.
    actually, i was glad to see you made it a real hyper link.

    that’ll be good, i can take care of when you and ann are backpacking. heh.

    WAIT A SECOND…. if that’s is how it is done, why is NOT a hyperlink?

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