jobless again!

Even though I’m married now, I’m in a better position than I was last time I faced unemployment, so we’re not likely to face homelessness in the near future. Still, the project I was working on was slated for another year, and its cancellation is a bit awkward. Most likely I will be at work soon on a different project at the China Lake Naval air base.

The work I was doing gave me ideas for a possible graduate thesis, kept my mind really engaged, and didn’t conflict too much with my values. I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue developing the same ideas in a new project, or if the work I find will be interesting to me at all. A hobo must be flexible though, take work when and where he needs it, and always keep an eye out for treasures in unexpected places. The world is full of them!

5 responses to “jobless again!”

  1. you should get into the Internet porn industry.
    just convert this site to “Porn Hobo”.
    seems like it would be a good idea. .. make me wonder why nobody has ever thought of it.

  2. Now Ted, I know you would never attempt to persuade someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself. So I am looking forward to seeing your site. I think you should call it “Beddy Teddy”.

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