Black Corridor, Red Rocks


Today we’re looking for a few sport climbs to occupy the morning before I head into town. We look at Cannibal Crag and Riding Hood wall, but they’re sunny, so we head into the park again to Calico Basin. On the hike in we have to climb around a slimy green pool. Jezze dog can’t make it, so she leaps into the pool, swims across, and tries to climb out the other side. She does this three times, finally making it with a bit of help from me tugging on the scruff of her neck.

This time we get on some of the blood red sandstone in the Black Corridor. It’s great there – shady, cool, with a couple of locals there to give us beta. We end up doing three routes: a 9, 9+, and 11. They tend to have one or two crux moves much harder than the rest. Once I figure out my move on the 11 I don’t quite have the strength to pull it, and I climb around. Ann and I both get our workout before leaving.

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