Off to Vegas!

I’m munching pizza whilst getting ready to drive to that jewel in the desert – Vegas. Actually, we’re going to Red Rocks State Park, then I’m signed up for my friend Steve’s bachelor party at the Monte Carlo. Ted might come along. Much potential and few plans. (Ann says Ted says he’s not coming. I hope he has some better opportunities to pursue…) Vive Las Vegas!

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  1. bouldered 3 consecutive days.
    bmx-ed 3 consecutive days.
    did MAD laundry.
    moved my bed to its rightful place in my room (NOT the middle of the floor), which is the best thing i did all weekend.
    cleaned the house very well.
    good stuff all in all.

    did 3 probs at WW that i’d never done/seen anyone do. good stuff.

    finally got on the stemming / dihedral problem at the spray paint area. seems like a good prob.. didn’t get it. i was feeling very beaten at that point in the day and was GLAD to let a mutual friend get the ascent.
    irregardless of the 3 days of bouldering and the 4 hours of biking i had put in that day, problem is STOUT!
    i’d like to say “…i’m all psyched to get back on it…”, but,,,,,,,,,, well, it’s brute.
    very intense move.
    YES! just getting on it was harder than any move on “Coarse and Buggy” and i have yet to do the crux move (both hands on the right side, blah blah). HARD.
    i’d say to lap after lap after lap after lap on this and you could cruise “Coarse and Buggy”.
    Loder commented that this was “..not as sustained as C & B”, which seems pretty obvious, considering C & B is a route and this boulder problem.
    Still, there is an intense move. he doesn’t even breathe on it and you can see his face turn beet red. scary.
    i had to force myself to breathe on it, which litterally caused me to fall.
    good route. i wanna do it on tuesday.

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