The Sentinel, Joshua Tree

A bunch of us are hanging out in camp having some lunch, discussing what to do next. Ted recounts his battle on The Flake ( 5.8 ), and Jeff suggests we move the party to Ball Bearings (10a) in the Real Hidden Valley. He leads it on Brownie so the rest of us can TR it, which we gladly do. It seems like the perfect 10a crack. Ann goes up without a fall, and I earmark it as a possible first 5.10 trad lead for myself.

One response to “The Sentinel, Joshua Tree”

  1. it’z a good route.
    i’d say it’s on the easy side for 10a.. but i definitely get a lead in on it before i spray.
    after speaking with darly, i wanna do pitch deux.

    run for your life, fisticuffs, BB, .. yah, we need to hit that area.

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