Dihedral Rock, Joshua Tree


Ted and I head out to hang Brownie on another hard route. The slick-walled dihedral just looks impossible from the bottom. Once I’m on it though, I seem to enter another realm of possibilites, and it feels good to squeeze the last drops of strength from my body. To my surprise I make it most of the way up with just a couple of hangs. I’m too sapped to do the last pumpy move, but I feel like I’ve really tasted the climb. Ted gets on and makes it look good after a couple of hangups at the bottom. When he comes back down (with the gear and new hole in his climbing pants, supposedly from following my walk-off route), we’re both high and spent. Some guys come up after us bragging that they’re going to lead it, but I don’t care. They can have the glory, I couldn’t feel better right now.

3 responses to “Dihedral Rock, Joshua Tree”

  1. you noticed that too.. that they were bragging.
    1 – first off, the dudes were approaching and BITCHED loudly that “Oh… someones on it!” fukk them.
    2 – the 2nd mouth in the group didn’t know one end of a rope from the other.

    those guys didn’t do SHIT on it, i guarantee. they were T-dogging it when we left.. whatever.

    yeah, great hole in my pants. gotta darn them.

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