The Blob, Joshua Tree



Watching Jeff and Karen climb Boussonier (5.7), just to the left of Papa Woolsey, I am intrigued and decide to lead it. It starts in kind of a box, with only thin features on the faces. Then the crack starts behind a prominent flake such that you get into it facing left, always feeling about to spill over the side. Then it gets steeper and the holds less positive. After the crux you climb up behind another rock that provides a chimney-style rest. All very good rock, very classy moves I thought. I only shook a little. Ann followed with a hang or two, and no rests in the chimney. The downclimb felt a little hairy, sliding down into a slick offwidth crack in a cave, but we did okay.


Meanwhile, Ted leads Papa Woolsey, making it look easier off the knob by going left instead of right. Ann follows, takes a couple of tries on the thinnest bottom part, then cruises. She has a blast with this one, and is a joy to watch.

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