The Old Woman, Joshua Tree

Double Cross made me sweat for every inch. It’s a sweet hand crack with an overhanging bulge in the middle. With the added effort of protecting it, I had my hands full. It’s another “easy” redpoint that I feel proud of. Everybody else enjoyed it too, and I was proud of Ann for working the crux over again until she got it. By the time we had all climbed the sun was on us, and we all needed to hit the road. More good, but not easy, treatment from our wedding park. We’ll be back!

2 responses to “The Old Woman, Joshua Tree”

  1. I led it a few years back. My partner said that I sucked so much oxygen out of the atmosphere, huffing and puffing up the thing, that a little old lady passerby passed out. Did you find the bolt about midway up?
    — Roy

  2. I didn’t see any bolt! Maybe somebody chopped it – there’s not much tolerance for bolts on cracks in JT. Or maybe I was just blind from oxygen deprivation!

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