Movie: El Abuelo (The Grandfather)


At first I thought this movie was going be a bunch of droll intellectual dialog between stuffy characters, but it grew on me as everyone was introduced and established, especially the proud but penniless old Count of Albrit. Most of the action takes place outside Madrid in the late 19th century, and there are wonderful land and seascapes throughout. The old nobility and peasant classes clash in new ways in a society undergoing industrialization as family, love, and honor are all redefined.

5 responses to “Movie: El Abuelo (The Grandfather)”

  1. Yesterday somebody bought this movie at Amazon after clicking on it here. An interesting first sale! I didn’t even have ‘Grandfather’ spelled right in the title…

  2. Congrats, you lucky so-and-so. I’ve hoped for an Amazon comission since I started my site. Of course, I haven’t posted a movie review in 2 years. Maybe I should start again.

  3. It went through! I’m now $0.72 closer to something on my wish list!

    You know, now that I think about it, I bet the misspelling got me that sale. Probably the person misspelled their search term…

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