Wagonwheel social


Some people turned up at Wagonwheel last night! Greg, Mike, Barry, Ted, Ann, & I all decided to climb the same boulder at once. Greg won.

One response to “Wagonwheel social”

  1. the ‘action’ pics turned out horrible.
    the ones i took of anne were the best, but the problem was not savory to the eye.
    still, we need MORE above the route shots.
    i clicked through most of the pics that i commissioned anne to take.
    they all pretty much suk. not her fault, i think it’s the angle. it doesn’t “say” anything. there is NO aesthetics to the pics either.
    disappointed fer sure.
    still, i am a photo slut and WANT MORE PICS!!

    hope y’all are enjoying Bishop, wherever you end climbing.

    got my new bike. it’s a disease… put it in me.
    call me win u re turn

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