Great Falls Basin



On a whim, Ann and I took off late Saturday night for Great Falls Basin, where we slept under an amazing sky and woke up early to get a climb in. This route is one of my favorites, Frosted Flakes (5.9). It requires some uncertain smearing, a little edging, and has an easy dihedral at the top. The anchors are awkward and scary. If you look up high in the left picture you can see Ann setting up a rappel up there.

3 responses to “Great Falls Basin”

  1. scary exposed, nothing to do with anchor quality. the move to get to them is awkward, and they are off the fall line of the lower route, so when you pull your rope it wants to go into the water. Ann was mostly intimidated by the exposure, and I was proud that she did the rappel instead of lowering.

  2. yes, i know the route.
    you have to flip yer rope over ‘something’ at the top, correct?
    i agree with your “insecure smears” statement.
    i saw rich climb it and was thinking “Why the hell don’t he climb it faster…?”
    the i got on it.
    cruised it, but…
    yeah, you need a 60m rope to get off that.

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